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Yatindra R Sharma, Managing Director, KHS Machinery Pvt Ltd

Yatindra R Sharma, Managing Director, KHS Machinery Pvt Ltd

“Rigid packaging will definitely lead the beverage packaging segment”

  • By Sweta M Nair
  • Jan 23, 2014

…opines Yatindra R Sharma, Managing Director, KHS Machinery Pvt Ltd. He talks about the growth and opportunities for the beverage packaging industry in India. He also underlines the need for highly innovative packaging solutions in the beverages segment in the present scenario.

What is your outlook for the beverages segment?

The beverages sector has been consistently growing at double-digit rates, and this has resulted in a high growth in demand for beverage packaging machines. All big players in the beverages segment require packaging machines and equipment with high speeds, high degree of automation, innovative technology features and total solutions for their projects. Therefore, essentially, the demand for machines is high and growing fast every year.

Elaborate on the demand for rigid packaging versus flexible packaging.

Rigid packaging for beverages is defined in terms of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Poly (Phenylene Ethynylene) (PPE) bottles, glass bottles and aluminium cans apart from carton packaging. Compared to flexible packaging, these forms of containers are extensively used in beer, soft drinks, water, milk, etc. When it comes to flexible packaging for beverages, then except purified water and packing of milk in Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) pouches, there has been no significant penetration of beverages segment in this segment. Thus, rigid packaging will definitely lead the beverage packaging segment and will hold the major marketshare against flexible packaging.

What are the emerging trends in this segment?

In plastic PET bottles segment, there is an increasing demand for light weighting of bottles, which can reduce raw material and energy consumption. This is achieved by developing high-performance stretch blow-moulding machines.

What challenges and opportunities are being faced by this segment?

The demand for high-tech solutions, cost-competitiveness in relation to international players and efficient project management capabilities are some of the major challenges faced by this segment. Companies which will meet the above challenges have excellent opportunities to grow steadily in local as well as global markets. Further, each beverage segment such as beer, soft drink, milk, juices and water is looking at packaging solutions that can provide much higher production speeds, less energy consumption and a higher level of automation.

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